Count down to our next possible night of flying.
Flying for 2020-02-24 has not been confirmed! 

At the Indoor Flying club you can enjoy flying small remote controlled aircraft.  Scroll down to see a short breakdown of the various types that you will typically see flying on a Monday night.

The Bellville Velodrome is a SAMAA registered R/C flying facility

We use the Velodrome, which means the weather conditions are always good.  Feel free to pop in on a Monday night to come and join in the fun, or just sit back and relax, and enjoy the flying.


R/C helicopters with a blade length of up to 375mm may be flown at the club. Although at least a silver proficiency is required to fly (as these can be dangerous should it get out of hand) you can fly while a instructor is there to assist . We strongly recommend that all helicopter pilots work towards a silver proficiency test (read more about it here – coming soon) and apart from the personal achievement accomplished – it is the coolest “Bragging Right” in the r/c community.

Fixed Wing (Planes)

By far the most popular aircraft you will see at the Velodrome on a Monday evening. Weight limit is set at 500 grams all up – for safety reasons. Come and see and join in the fun, as the sky can be filled with many planes at any given time flying together. Other than helicopters that prefer to fly one at a time, many planes will take to the sky and make you question gravity with amazing maneuvers. Sometimes these maneuvers do go wrong, and your faith in gravity is reinstated in style. The pilot will put up a brave face, but deep down…

Free Flight

This is by far the most satisfying activity to watch.  These guys can build a plane that easily weighs less than 10 grams.  It uses a “wind up” motor (please do not call it a rubber band – it is considered an insult) and can stay in the air for up to 7 min if not more! Most of these planes are completely scratch build models, and the craftmanship is second to none!


Also known as a Multirotor, quadcopter, tricopter (not so popular nowadays) or even hex- or octocopter - depending on the amount of propellers. A very popular Christmas gift, which we do not see at the club very regularly, but occasionally someone pitches up with one. With the weight limit also set to 500 grams on drones, you can come and enjoy flying it in a safe manner and place. Please keep in mind that due to the structure of the building, GPS satellites will not work. FPV flying is permitted, but only with a caller next to the pilot who has full view craft at all times during the flight. FPV racing can be arranged on request.