Join the club

As per agreement with the City of Cape Town, all members of the club must be SAMAA members.  The main reason for this being insurance. This is not unique to uor club, as it is standard procedure with any other SAMAA registered airfield.  Joining fee is R50, and annual fee is R100.  (for a new member it is then R150 for the first year).  Membership renewal is R100.  Renewal fees are always due on the first day of the year, regardless of when you joined

First time flyer

Thinking about taking up the hobby, but not sure if you want to join the club? Just contact us, and we can make the required arrangements for you to fly on the day with an instructor.  The instructor will assist depending on your flying capability and experience


Visitor pilot

As a visiting pilot you can fly at the club, as long as you are a paid up SAMAA member.  A londing fee of R40 is payable before flying.  The instructor or safety officer will just recap the rules with you to ensure safety and fairness of the airspace usage.

By completing this form to join the club, you confirm that you understand the rules and the effect of this indemnity.

Club Rules

  1. SAMAA registered pilots only
  2. General SAMAA rules apply
  3. Electric flying models only
  4. No alcoholic beverages allowed
  5. No spectators allowed in the flying area below the track
  6. Flying out of the boundries will earn you a 15 min grounding.
  7. General decency will always be the rule of thumb.  Please consider other pilots.
  8. All aircraft and equipment are brought to the club at your own risk and you are responsible for it at all times.
  9. Mid-air collisions will not be disputed is responsible for his/her own aircraft.
  10. Neither the Indoor Flying Club, nor the Bellville Velodrome or any other person/entity can be held responsible for personal injury whatsoever to yourself, family members or friends

General indemnity

In consideration of the Bellville Velodrome / City of Cape Town (COC hereafter) having agreed to make its facility available to me for the purpose of flying radio control aircraft, I hereby agree and undertake to keep COC indemnified and to hold COC harmless against all and any claims which COC may sustain as a result of having granted me the said use of the facilities.

My liability under this indemnity shal commence on submitting of the form (on the right) and shall cease and terminateon such day as i notify COC and the Indoor Flying Club in writingthat i will no longer make use of the facility for the purpose of flying radio control aircrafts.

If for any reasonin law the above indemnity is inflectual, or voidable – this paragraph will pertain to a severable and seperate agreement – and any successfull claim againts COCwill by agreement be limited to the net value of the membership fees paid by me per annum

Membership and renewal fees must be paid directly into the club banking account – details below;

Bank name:          Standard Bank
Branch name:      JOHANNESBURG
Branch code:        205
Account holder:   MR  P ROSSOUW
Account number: 10 10 995 096 6
Account type:       SAVINGS